Be Intentional

by Juan Garzon on September 4, 2015 , No comments

On September 1st, we welcomed Amelia Juliette Garzón into our family.

At only eight pounds, three ounces, she’s already holding her own with her three older siblings. Here are some baby pictures: Baby Amelia’s first days.

Except for a couple events I already had lined up, for the most part I’ve been offline these past few weeks. And it’s allowed me to reflect a bit.

You see, I’ve always seen entrepreneurship as a means to an end.

When I started my first company back in 2004, I was trying to find a way to make money while having the flexibility to go back to school full time and get as involved as I could while I was there.

Sure enough, my mobile home financing business let me to do this by allowing me to work online and by focusing primarily on customers in California (who I called in the evenings, Pacific time – problem solved!).

So when the mortgage crisis of 2008 came around and basically imploded my business, I shrugged it off. I had graduated that spring and was already on to bigger and better things. The business had served its purpose.

Today, I have a very different business. And as I’m writing this after having tucked my kids into bed, where we sang truck songs and listened to our oldest tell everyone what Kindergarten is like, I realize that this business too serves a very specific purpose. I get to spend time with my kids.

My business gives me a freedom and flexibility I never had working for a company. Even when I worked from home, my email and phone were a constant chain that tethered my attention to what was happening in the office or on the other side of the world.

But here’s the thing. I’ve designed my business to be this way (more so lately than when I started). And I will continue to be intentional with it.

I’m telling you all of this because as an entrepreneur, you also have a choice in the kind of business you build. And I have found that entrepreneurs who are intentional about their business (and lives) are more likely successful.

Think about the direction you are going in. Maybe you’re chasing after some large clients hoping they will bring you more financial security, ignoring the fact that they also bring more stress and headaches to your projects.

Or maybe you’re driving all over town going to networking events hoping to build your business, when what you really want is just to spend more time with the clients that make you happy. If you continue down this road, what will success look like? Is that the business you really want for yourself?

Don’t build the business you think you’re supposed to be building, and don’t worry about every shiny object or marketing fad you hear. Instead, design your business as a way to support the life you want to lead.

Be intentional.

With that in mind, I have some exciting updates and changes coming in the next few weeks, including a program to help you be intentional with your own business. Stay tuned.


P.S. Why are you in business for yourself? What does the life you really want to lead look like, and is your current business going to take you there? Hit reply and let me know.

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